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What comes with a rowboat kit?

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Rowboat Kits

For Fishing Still Waters

When you really think about it, we've been in the rowboat business from day one. After all, McKenzie River driftboats are rowboats, aren't they? Well, they are and they aren't. Let's explain why....

The driftboat's primary source of propulsion is not a set of oars, but a flowing river. That's where the boat gets the "drift" part of its name. The oars are used to turn a driftboat quickly (because of its curved "rocker" bottom) and to maneuver around rocks and obstructions in the river. Rowing also stops or "holds" the boat's progress downstream. A good oarsperson can traverse miles of river with very little rowing.

So, to make a drift boat stop, you row (sometimes very hard). To make a rowboat stop, you quit rowing! The point is this: If you're never going to row a boat in a white water river, you don't need a drift boat. You need a row boat! But if you have space for only one boat next to your BMW and you row both rivers and lakes, the McKenzie River drift boat is the only one which can do both safely.

What comes in a rowboat kit?

12 Foot Rowboat

Don't you sometimes want to sneak off to a small, secret lake for a bit of solitary fishing? In that situation a boat that is too large can be as out of scale as a eight weight fly rod on the other end of an eight inch cutthroat. On a recent trip through the Rockies I took my new 12' rowboat which I found useful in a couple of small Wyoming lakes. It was small enough to easily load and unload from the back of my pickup, yet stable enough (with its flat bottom) to stand up and fish. To store the boat I sometimes lean it on its side against a wall.

On occasion it's just fun to go out for a nice row in the park. The 12' rowboat is small enough for my wife and me to carry a short distance from the parking lot to the landing.






What comes in a rowboat kit?

12' Fir plywood Rowboat kit.................

12' Meranti plywood Rowboat kit........$2,440

12' Sepelle plywood Rowboat kit.........$3,200

To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

14 Foot Rowboat

Andy & Liz Tatman, when they were small kids, enjoyed paddling and splashing one of those iny inflatable rafts around the edge of the lake for the last few years. But they are bigger now and they want to go farther out from shore. Their father is also getting tired of rowing them on the river while they do all the fishing. He thinks, though, they need some still water rowing experience before graduating to the river.

All these factors motivate said father and boat builder to build a plain old fashioned 14' rowboat. The final product has been a rousing success! The boat is light (about 175 lb.), can fit in the back of a pickup and can handle a small trolling motor. Best of all, it rows like a dream. Its main seat can be made adjustable for more than one oarlock position and its interior parts could, in a pinch, be made removable to make it lighter, easier to mount on top of a vehicle. We've found that 7 1/2' Oars work the best for the 14'.




What comes in a rowboat kit?

14' Fir plywood Rowboat kit................

14' Meranti plywood Rowboat kit........$2,600

14' Sepelle plywood Rowboat kit.........$3,500

To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

16 Foot Rowboat

This is our largest and newest rowboat model. All things being equal, the longer the hull form of a boat, the easier it is to row. Add that to the room that the larger rowboat gives for gear and an extra grandchild or two. It's interior is the same configuration as the other rowboats on this page.

What comes in a rowboat kit?









16' Fir plywood Rowboat kit................$2,240

16' Meranti plywood Rowboat kit........$2,780

16' Sepelle plywood Rowboat kit.........$3,740

To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

To order call (541)746-5287 or fax at (541) 744-2190
or e-mail at mckenzie@gregboats.com