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Anchoring Systems:

Bo's Anchoring System

We have sold more Bo's anchor systems than any other kind. The reason is obvious: with this system you can drop anchor while you're rowing. You don't have to pause while you reach around to let out your anchor, drifting past the hole where you want to fish. You can anchor right where you want to stop. It's not only easy to anchor, but it is also easier to pull the anchor up. Furthermore, in a tight spot where the oarsman needs to begin rowing just as soon as the anchor leaves the bottom of the river, this is a handy system for a passenger to pull up the anchor while the oarsman rows the boat. Another advantage of this system is that the anchor rope runs under the rear floorboard, out of the way and exits the boat through a hole in the transom, rather than over the top.  This is much easier on the transom. You get three pulleys, a foot-release pedal, a plastic tube (for the rope to pass under the rear floorboard), mounting bolts, and instructions. The recommended anchor rope for this system is 3/8" braided nylon. A thirty foot length seems to work well.

Bo's foot release anchor system $
3/8" braided nylon rope $0.29 (per ft.)

To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

Pyramid Anchors

A must for anchoring a drift boat in current. These are made from lead for the best possible holding. The 30 pounder is most popular, but some prefer to carry the lighter 20 pounder, especially in conditions of slow current and low water. Ask us about other sizes. For shipping, it's best to purchase one with the kit to avoid shipping separately by UPS.

20 lb. anchor..........................................
30 lb. anchor............................................$49

To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

Anchor Bang Plate

Since the anchor rides down river snuggled up against the back of the transom, it is less traumatic on the back surface of the transom (that you have just varnished) if it is protected by a durable material. There are a variety of materials you could use, such as carpet or a belting. We make up anchor "bang" plates out of brown UHMW plastic, which is very durable. If you don't catch a fish on your next trip, you can butt your head against it or swear at it and it will still last for years!

Anchor bang plate......................$19


To order call (541)746-5287 or e-mail at: mckenzie@gregboats.com

To order call (541)746-5287 or fax at (541) 744-2190
or e-mail at mckenzie@gregboats.com