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Note: In the interest of being a responsive and efficient producer of driftboat kits, we are not currently producing finished boats for sale. We may choose to return to building boats in our shop at some point in the future, but for now we are focussing on building kits for individuals to assemble their own boats.All boats that we have built in the past have come from the same parts that we offer in the form of kits. Please have a look at our Driftboat Kits page for more information. We have chosen to leave the following information online to further illustrate the properties of a finished 16' driftboat built from one of our kits.

16' Fir McKenzie Driftboat

16' x 48" bottom classic McKenzie River Driftboat. Made from Fir plywood. This boat was built in our shop and has a few interior accents, the flyline deck, front seat pipe braces and transom being made from Meranti rather than Fir.

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To order call (541)746-5287 or fax at (541) 7442190
or e-mail at mckenzie@gregboats.com