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What Comes With a Driftboat Kit?
This is a good page to print out to help guide you through the rest of the pages.

The items in this column are included in a driftboat kit (#1-6 below). Scroll down for a photo which helps explain what comes in a kit.

1. Casting platform

Stand here with your legs between the "horns", stripping fly line out onto the deck for casting or "shooting". This removable deck allows you to fish (with caution)while the boat is moving down river.

2. Passenger seat.

With side pockets for gear and removable seat backs (take out two and put one back in the middle for one passenger). Three seat backs come with the 17' & 17 1/2'. The seat adjusts front to back on pipes to balance the load.

3. Oar seat.

Set up for the traditional rope (rope not included) seat which makes for a comfortable and secure ride down the river. The seat includes seat pockets (trays for storage).

4. Floorboards.

Helps keep passengers, gear, and you off the boat bottom in rainy weather or splashy water. You will need to cut foot holes in the floorboards to fit your legs. They will help brace you for vigorous rowing.

We tailor our boat kits to fit the customer's needs by providing the basic kit and then offering a wide variety of options to complete the project. These items are divided into two "lists" below. The first include the items you will need before you hit the water. The second list includes items which will further inhance your river experience.

We think you'll need this stuff:

Other options you may want:

5. Hull parts.

You receive boat sides cut to the exact shape and length, and an oversized sheet of plywood for the bottom of the boat. The ribs are made on a jig to assure their accuracy, then numbered and disassembled for shipment. You glue them back together, using the existing screw holes. Handrails, chines (inside the boat where the sides meet the bottom) and chine battens (capping the edge of the bottom plywood and the lowest part of the side) are made from tough white oak. A transom (blunt end of boat) which can accommodate a small motor for lake use, and a stem (pointed end) are included. Rock guards, made from 1/4" plywood (not visible in this photo) act as additional thickness and protection against bumps along the lower edge of the side.

6. Fasteners

Zinc plated steel fasteners are standard in the kit. We have seen many driftboats built in the late 40's and early 50's with rusty steel fasteners, but still holding the boat together. These boats are used mostly in fresh water and are rarely left in the water over night. Of course, stainless fasteners are better, but are more expensive. An upgrade to stainless $95. Read more about it on the "stainless fastener" page.

We tailor our boat kits to fit the customer's needs by providing the kit and then offering a wide variety of options to complete the project. Many of our kit builders purchase only a kit, then buy accessories incrementally as they need them, while others like to have everything they need right from the beginning. The latter is often true when a kit has to be shipped across the country. The cost of several individual UPS charges tends to add up quickly if many parts you need are shipped later.

To order call (541)746-5287 or fax at (541) 7442190
or e-mail at woodn@gregboats.com